Stop lying to us, Obama

This evening, President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress about the country's health care system. As everyone expected, he gave a great speech. He said a lot of things people like to hear, expressed his passion for helping every citizen, raised his voice, and lied directly to our faces.

It's unbelievable.  After 15 minutes of scare-tactics about how urgently-needed a drastic change is, he complained about his opponents' scare-tactics.  "NOW IS THE SEASON FOR ACTION!" he screamed.  Yes, but what action?

The Lie

At about the 20 minute mark, he says, "No federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place." I'd like to know what he's talking about.  He suspended a very important conscience law his second day in office; the Mexico City Policy.   And make no mistake: every health care plan in Congress right now would mandate federally funded abortion.  Don't believe me?  There's an entire rundown here.

Finally, after rallying everyone with scare tactics, Obama reveals a piece of his agenda.  He pushes having a "public" (government-provided) option.  So tax-payer dollars would pay for whatever his non-elected committee decides falls into healthcare.  Again, there is no doubt that abortion will be covered in such a system.  Here is a video of Obama promising exactly that:

After 45 minutes of blathering, Obama says he won't "waste time with those who think it is better politics to kill this plan than to approve it. … I will not accept the status quo as a solution." Yeah, why let reasonable, legitimate, and justifiable questions get in the way of your mission?

Am I the only one who thinks this country has gone insane?  Why would anyone think it's a good idea to force taxpayers to directly pay for one person to kill another, perfectly innocent, person?  Don't we imprison those who hire hitmen?  I believe it's called "conspiracy to commit murder."  Why isn't Obama - or any other official who has legalized the worst holocaust in human history - in jail?  Why do we stand for this?

Beyond that, why on earth are we moving towards socialism, especially in health care?  Has nobody else taken note of what's happened to European socialized health care?

I defy anyone to name one system or business that has been improved by the government taking it over.  The government is, by far, the least efficient organization to handle anything it has its hands in.  The government is there to run the country and listen to the citizens.  Anything more than that is exactly why we declared our independence from England.

This is the part that's really unbelievable to me: a poll done by Zogby International last November found that:

71% of U.S. citizens oppose government-funded abortions

(Source) EDIT: there's something wrong with National Review's website. Fortunately, there's an exact copy of the article.

Apparently, Obama either can't or - at worst - won't listen to the citizens he so passionately "defends" in his speeches.

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  • Caroline

    Well, your main argument stems around abortion as a rallying cry and, well, if you're pro-choice? Not really an issue.

    And Canada's doing pretty well with its government-run health care, just sayin'.

  • Andrew

    What about the way he outright lied to the public? "No federal dollars will be used to fund abortions." That is Just. Not. True. You just can't get around the fact that that is an absolute lie.

    I realize not everyone agrees with me, but that's why this is my blog. Also, you might have noticed the statistic at the bottom of the article. 71% of the country agrees with me: there should be no government-funded abortion.

  • Caroline

    The Mexico City Policy was for "non-governmental organizations," not governmental. Which this new policy WOULD be. And the video is from 2007 - there is a possibility he changed his political standing on abortion since then. Even if he hasn't, he has enough to worry about with the rest of the bill that I am positive this is a concession. I see nowhere that abortion coverage absolutely will be included in the new policy. You are drawing conclusions from an incomplete picture.

    And I realize that this is your blog. Which is why I mentioned that for pro-choice people reading your blog, there isn't as much concern for them in this regard. If I offended you with that, I apologize, since it wasn't my intention, but it IS a valid point.

    Frankly, statistics are unreliable (all statistics, not just ones I disagree with; that is not what I'm insinuating). I know I wasn't included in the poll. You probably weren't, either.

    You are of course free to believe what you want, as am I. I think we should probably just agree to disagree on the subject.

  • Andrew

    Caroline :

    ...there is a possibility he changed his political standing on abortion since then...

    There is the possibility, yes, but his voting record, policies, nominations, appointees, and proposals do not support that conclusion. Obama is extremely pro-abortion. Not just pro-choice. Pro-abortion.

    He tried to fast track FOCA (thankfully it didn't pass). He requested that the Dornan amendment be overturned. It was. And you needed to read just four words farther on the Wikipedia article about the Mexico City Policy. The part that said, "non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that receive federal funding."

    No apology necessary. I took no offense to what you said. I'm sorry if I came off defensive. I'm pretty passionate about this topic and forget to be polite sometimes. I was just making another valid point. :-)

    While I agree statistics are unreliable, you have to admit that 71% is a pretty fantastic margin. I don't think a company as reputable as Zogby would allow for a >21% margin of error.

    As far as me drawing conclusions from an incomplete picture, did you read the article I linked to describing the health care plans? It's pretty clear to me from that article that abortion is absolutely a part of the proposed plans.

    If anything, I hope that I portray sensibility and openness as a pro-lifer. I'm open to what you or anyone else has to say on the subject, and I try to respond with respect. After all, I give you props for openly disagreeing with me. I usually struggle with that myself and (unfortunately) tend to hold resentment against a person I disagree with rather than talking it out with them.

    I can agree to disagree. But I really prefer to clear up any misunderstandings before that point (I know - I'm a stickler). As a survivor of the worst holocaust humanity has ever known, I feel that I have a duty to try to protect those still in danger.