Andrew Ensley

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Leader / Developer / Musician

With continuous experience beginning in 2004, I am an expert Software Developer, Team Leader, and DevOps Engineer.

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I have over 16 years' experience managing developers, engineers, software, and systems, most of which has been in a DevOps environment. I love automation and open-source software.

In my free time, I like to be active outside. Biking , Hiking , and Futbol are my favorite outdoor activities.

I also like to make noise with stringed and percussion instruments.


Years Developing Software

Years Leading Developers

Years Managing Developers

Years Automating CI/CD


Skill ratings from Pluralsight

JavaScript 97%
CSS 94%
MySQL 99%
HTML5 89%


I excel at leading IT engineers, providing the vision that helps my team work more efficiently and exceed expectations while maintaining security and compliance.


Andrew Ensley

Innovative and motivated Software Engineering Leader with 16+ years of experience setting goals, measuring performance, and delivering ahead of schedule.

  • Pensacola, FL, USA

Professional Experience

Technology Product Manager

May 2022 - Present

Navy Federal Credit Union

I lead the Fraud product delivery team for Navy Federal Credit Union. The team creates innovative solutions leveraging Machine Learning and AI to prevent application and payment fraud. The team's solutions integrate with vendor, cloud, on-prem, and mainframe systems.


  • Team deliverables had an ROI of several million dollars per month
  • Led the team through a transformation from Waterfall to Agile
  • Created the standard metrics for our region's quarterly Agile maturity reporting
  • Certified SAFe 6 Product Owner/Product Manager
  • Certified SAFe 6 Agilist

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

June 2021 - May 2022

Navy Federal Credit Union

Joined the Site Reliability Engineering team to implement CI/CD, TDD, and automation as it applies to containerized application hosts.


  • Mentored three mentees through internal programs
  • Assisted 19 interviews, leading to 6 hires
  • Trained developers to use Tanzu Application Service (TAS)
  • Performed emergency patching of Production TAS and TKGi in response to Log4Shell (Log4J vulnerability)
  • Awarded the Enterprise Strategy Coin for providing an automation tool for Change Management to ensure compliance with change controls.

Professional Experience

Senior Software Developer

January 2018 - June 2021

Navy Federal Credit Union

Hired as a Software Developer. Served as Tech Lead on several projects. Quickly promoted to lead a new development team whose responsibilities were to promote, provide training for, and document new tools and policies in our department of 200 developers.


  • Mentored seven mentees through internal programs
  • Trained over 550 employees on how to use Git/GitHub using documentation and training materials I created
  • Wrote the shared library of CI/CD pipelines for CloudBees Jenkins
    • Served fundamental role in the conversion of 1,400+ legacy Jenkins builds to the new standardized Jenkins pipelines in less than 4 months
    • Instrumental in the conversion of 600+ code repositories from Serena Dimensions to GitHub in less than 3 months
  • Created Spring starters to convert existing Java applications to Spring
  • Launched a cross-departmental group to be early adopters and share solutions
  • Awarded the Employee Voice Q4 2019 award

Chief Technology Officer

May 2007 - January 2018

TaskMaster Pro Technologies, Inc.

I started this role as the sole developer. The project grew into its own company. Ultimately performed the roles of System Administrator, Database Administrator, Manager, and Senior Developer.


  • Composing and communicating the departmental vision and strategy
  • Leading and Managing the technical staff, including developers, engineers, analysts, testers, administrators, and support staff
  • Maintaining SDLC
  • Ensuring compliance with controls in SOC 1, SOC 2 Type I, and SOC 2 Type II audits for Security, Availability, Privacy, and Confidentiality
  • Administering servers and software stacks (physical and cloud)
  • Full Stack development with a focus on framework-level code
  • Database Administration and optimization


  • Setup geo-distributed database cluster for disaster recovery
  • Engineered load-balancing cloud and physical server systems
  • Re-wrote 100,000 lines of procedural code into OOP framework
  • Implemented new, responsive webapp UI in less than 1 month
  • Built the primary product from the ground up



Pensacola, FL, USA

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